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Wormtec Worm Farming and Vermiculture produces Worm Extracttotally organic microbial worm based fertiliser in a liquid form and along with high grade worm castings. The technology we utilised is unique to Wormtec Worm Farming and Vermiculture and so are the methods of production.  We are the only company using this process world wide as we have developed this Technology for the  production, extraction and storage of microbial fertilisers ourselves over the last 16 years, with constant Research and Development and onsite farm and garden trials. Full customer support is provided  7 days a week.

Purchase direct from the developer and producer of this unique Worm Extract an organic microbial worm based Fertiliser and save money, shipped Australia wide direct to your Farm or Door. Freight shipped at cost price.

What Does Wormtec Do?

Wormtec Worm Farming and Vermiculture is leading the way world wide in the production, extraction and storage of organic microbial fertilisers. Wormtec worm extract can also be used as a bio-control to help control pest and disease attacks, Wormtec organic fertilisers have no negative impact on the environment – while being ultra competitive on pricing! We can supply organic fertilisers or apply them for you.

What We Offer

Wormtec offers key assistance to horticulturists, growers, turf care specialists and landscapers in areas where it matters most with a natural organic alternative to synthetic fertilisers. Wormtec worm extract is a bio-stimulant containing a bio diverse mixture of beneficial soil biology and rich in humic substances which significantly enhance plant growth and health whilst suppressing pests and diseases.

What Can We Do For You?

Our main goal is to see you succeed in rebuilding the health and vitality of your soil, so you can grow healthy crops and gardens sustainable and chemical free whilst reducing your costs

  • Provide you with an organic chemical free alternative to fertilising your  lawn, turf, gardens and agricultural crops, we can also apply it for you if you are on the Gold Coast.
  • Wormtec will work with you to help educate, train and show you the most cost efficient means of rebuilding your soil and plants health.
  • Show you how to improve and maintain soil health to ensure gardens and crops grow correctly utilising soil biology whilst reducing negative effects of airborne chemicals, pollutions and toxins.
  • Wormtec produce products that make gardens and crops less susceptible to disease and insect attacks and reduce your exposure to chemicals
  • Wormtec is the fertiliser producer so you save money every time you purchase from us, no middle men mark ups normally 100%

How do I know if my soil is healthy?

Healthy soils are alive with microbes which help plants and crops to grow. If microbes are not present in an active state, there will be no nutrient cycling occurring, then gardens and crops will struggle to grow and are then prone to disease and insect attacks. One of the first indicators of low microbe numbers is no worm activity in your soil.

Wormtec worm farm - Liquid Organic Fertiliser

How Can Wormtec Help You?

By treating each and every customer as the most important customer we have, we listen to you and then help you decide the most cost efficient means of rebuilding your soil health, we are also here to support you. We don’t just sell you a product and walk away, if you need assistance just contact me for help. As most people that know me that my passion in life is to help other succeed in growing organically whilst reducing costs.

So if you need help or have a question pick up the phone or use the contact page and drop me an email.

What is Wormtec Worm Extract Fertiliser?

Wormtec worm extract is a liquid fertiliser containing all the benefits of high grade composts and worm castings with out all the bulky organic matter in an easy to apply liquid spray, our worm extract contains  microbes, nutrients and minerals all in plant available forms ready for the job of fertilising and rebuilding your soil health and vitality.

Our worm extract also has soil wetting properties that retain moisture in the root zone; once the microbes become active they will consume the nutrients and minerals in the soil, so retaining this in the upper soil column and in the root zone to stop them from leaching out of the soil.

A further benefit of using microbe is that they live on the soil particles opening up the soil to allow air and moisture in, thus breaking up compacted soils. Once your soil becomes more balanced and healthy you will reduce the threat of disease and insect attack.

In House Microbial Testing

Here at Wormtec Worm Farming and Vermiculture we are constantly testing and developing our organic worm extract, so that we can produce the best possible microbial fertiliser, we work very closely with our customers so that we can custom mix our extract for their crop or soil type.

Purchase Direct From Producer

Purchasing direct from the producer is the most cost efficient means of purchasing products as there are no middle men mark ups, if you have a problem or need help and advice we are always here. We always put our customers first.

On Site Fertiliser Application Service

Wormtec Worm Farming and Vermiculture will even apply our worm based fertilisers for you, if you live in our area. Gold Coast & Brisbane we treat areas between Brisbane and Kingscliff, as well as the supply of worm extract Australia wide.

We do Not mark up Freight costs

We supply products to farmers across Australia, and ship the product to them at the cost we are charged from the transport company.

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