Free Workshop this weekend 1/10/2011 Gold Coast

Free Workshop this weekend 1/10/2011 Gold Coast

Posted on September 26, 2011 by wormtec

This weekend 1/10/2011 at Thumm Winnery, this is a free workshop, I will be showing a visiting garden club my organic hydroponic system and I will be talking on worm farming and organic fertiliser and how to improve your garden soils organically.
I have arrange a discount on lunch and free wine tasting for my guests on the day that have lunch,
we will also have a power point presentation on the day, to assist my visitors to understan soil biology and mineral availability. hope to see you all there. link to directions to get you there menu for lunch.
please phone me for more details greg 0413 807176
start time is 10.30.
Regards Greg.

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