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Home Worm Farming, Worm Farm At Wormtec Worm Farming and Vermiculture, were here to assist you in the promotion of home worm farming and worm farm maintenance and the reduction of house hold organic waste that goes to landfill tips every year polluting our environment and contaminating our ground water supplies.

Free Home Worm Farming Information We have included some helpful information on this web site on home worm farming for everyone to share, and to help everyone get started on the road to waste reduction while producing your own soil enhancers for use in your own yard and gardens produced from your worm farm. If you’re interested in home worm farming please read the free information that we have provided as it will get you well on the way to home worm farming.

The Worms Role The compost worm’s role is to help us reduce our organic kitchen and yard waste and reduce our dependence on water and chemical fertilizer. In a worm farm the worms consume organic matter as they move through the material in the worm farm. This material is converted by the worms unique digestive system into a useful soil improver that is all natural and is totally safe.

Organic Waste Food and garden material normally make up half the house hold rubbish. All this organic waste material could be processed in a worm farm reducing the amount of waste going to landfill sites. Everyone has left over organic kitchen and yard waste, why not use it to feed your compost worms instead of sending it to the rubbish tip. Use your free worm cast to improve your gardens and lawns.

We Can All Do It Home worm farming is for everyone, we can all do it and the more people that start to use compost worms to dispose of there kitchen and yard waste the quicker our environment will start to improve for us our children and future generations.

You and the Environment We have to stop polluting our environment by sending our green waste to landfill sites. Landfill sites produce toxic chemicals under ground due to the lack of oxygen. These toxic chemicals leach into our water ways and ground water supplies, when all this material starts to rot and decompose. This leaching of toxic chemicals will continue for many years to come. If we all worked together just think how quickly we could all make a difference and improve the environment for us and future generations while improving soil fertility at the same time. Reducing your organic waste in an environmentally friendly manner using a worm farm and worm farming methods.

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  1. Richard Milburn says:

    I am the Joey Scout Leader for Parkwood Heights Scouts & I run weekly events for children between the ages of 6-8 (a not for profit organisation).
    Currently my Joeys are embarking on their Environmental Challenge Badge whereby we have been focusing on RECYCLING.
    I would like to be contacted on options available to the Scouts whereby we visit (or are visited by) yourselves with the aim on some formal education on the role of worms & how they assist in the well being of our soils & how they can be used at home to assist in recycling (& the whole life cycle of worms/recycle/reuse).
    Our Joey events are held every Tuesday between 5:30 – 6:30 at Parkwood (Napper Road), but we also hold special events on weekends whereby we visit community groups.
    Thus, I would like to organise an activity with you in the very near future.
    Please feel free to contact me directly on 0425331247 or via the parkwoodjoeys@opttusnet.com.au email address.
    Richard ‘TAZ’ Milburn

  2. Jeff Morrell says:

    Hi Greg,
    I have been researching how to build a worm farm to work as a waste system for a house .We are going to build a small house for vocational training and for elderly support in rural Siem Reap Cambodia in January 2016 and we are aiming to make it eco friendly as much as possible.I am wondering if your company can help in any way,if you can read the above page on facebook you will understand a little of what we are trying to achieve over there ,for the youth to learn and for the elderly to be cared for.If you can assist in anyway we would love to hear from you.Kind Regards Jeff Morrell

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