Wormtec Buying Direct From Producer

Buying Direct From Producer

Purchasing products from us At Wormtec Worm Farming and Vermiculture we guarantee a quality product and buying direct from the producer assures you of the best price and customer support that we can give. We treat each and every customer as the most valued customer we have no matter how big or small your order is. We have an excellent reputation due mainly to our prompt service, quality products and competitive pricing due to no middle men mark ups and buying direct from the producer. We have excellent repeat orders and customers come back to us over and over again because of our friendly service, quality products and ultra competitive pricing.

Our Quality Products Our products are independently tested by the Soil Food Institute to maintain our very high standards of excellent and so that our products are produced consistently the same each and every time.

Buying Direct From The Producer Buying direct from the producer guarantees you of the best price, friendly service and quality products that have been tested to assure you of a beneficial product that will benefit the environment and help to start to re-establish the total food web in your soil.

Buying direct from your worm farming producer is the most cost efficient method of purchasing products


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