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Wormtec Worm Farming and Vermiculture in now e mailing out a News Letter once a month at this time, to our subscribed members, so please join up, just enter your email in the News Letter subscribe button on the right hand side of most Wormtec website pages, I will be sharing lots of information on everything from organic fertiliser, soils, organic gardening, worm farming and what is soil Ph and Brix levels. If you would like me to cover a subject drop me an email.

I will also be include a Discount to subscribers of our news letter on our products every once in a while, or freight discounts, I will also be offering free workshops on the Gold Coast to subscribers only

So please join our e mail list so I can share some of my information on gardening organically especially my favourite growing Vegetables, or converting from Synthetic fertilisers to organics to grow crops

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  1. Varsity Veges says:

    We are an organic community garden at varsity lakes we recommend and use wormtec products at our garden. The difference is remarkable. Thank you wormtec.
    Sheila Perkins ( pres. )

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