Harvesting Seeds for My Next Growing Season

Harvesting Vegetable Seeds for My Next Years Growing Season

Whenever I find extremely good healthy Vegetables that have good taste, high brix levels and are resistant to pest and disease attacks, then these are the vegetables I wish to grow, So I always try to keep seeds from these specific plants for growing my next generation of high quality vegetables for my own home use,Its hard to find specific plants that grow in your climate or location, so when you find the ones that thrive in your location, try to keep some of the seeds for future plantings

Collecting and then drying the seeds is extremely easy just have a look at the photos below, take the seeds out of the tomatoes or whatever vegetable you wish to save seeds from and then put the seeds on a paper towel to dry for a few weeks, you can then store the paper with the seeds attached for later use.

Planting As I use a hydroponic system with a pot system on top I just put compost into a pot then put the paper with seeds on top of the compost and then cover the paper and seeds with a thin layer of compost, in a normal garden just plant the paper and seeds where you want the seedlings to come up and then transplant them to where you want them to grow. When  the seeds come up in my system I just transplant them to where I want them to grow, I also give seedlings to my friends so that if I ever loose my plants I know where I can get seeds from.


I will include another post when the tomato seeds on the hydroponics system have come up and then the transplanting into the pot system and clay balls grow media, they are grown totally organic using Wormtec organic worm extract fertiliser.  Greg

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