Why Do I Need To Understand My Soil

   Why do I need to understand my soil?

By understanding how the life in your soil works you take out the guesswork involved in growing healthy plants, crops and vegetables, and also minimizes the mistakes and wasted money and time it takes to rebuild your soil fertility, so you succeed in producing healthy crops or just general gardening

The first step in rebuilding your soils

If you don’t understand how soil microbes work in the soil or what the different tasks the different organisms are asked to perform for us in the soil, how are you ever going to bring your soils back to life?

Yes you need a plan

Why would you need a plan let’s say you have just spent some of your fertiliser budget on rebuilding your microbial life in the soil with microbial inoculums (Wormtec worm extract) and soil foods (organic matter) now you decide to add some synthetic fertiliser to boost NPK levels, well you have now just killed off the microbial population your trying to build in the soil. (Synthetic fertilisers sterilize your soil) Yes you need a simple plan and you need to understand what microbes do in the soil.

Synthetic fertilisers are the cause of sterile compacted soils, they are not the cure

Would you consume a chemical that has a detrimental effect on your long time health (NO), why would you do it to your soils then, by killing the soil life you take away soil fertility and get stuck growing mineral deficient plants and crops that are constantly under pest and disease attack, your then eating the chemicals you put into your soils?  Fact not fiction

Questions you need to ask yourself

  • Do you want to grow sustainable
  • Do you want to reduce your operating costs
  • Produce high quality crops
  • Reduce disease and pest attacks
  • Reduce water requirements
  • Increase health of grazing animals better weight gain, better quality meat and milk

Now by understanding the basics of the life in your soil you can control

  • Soil PH levels
  • Mineral availability
  • Soil compaction
  • Healthy growth and increased brix levels
  • Produce better longer root growth
  • Unlock tied up chemical compounds in your soils

So as you can see it’s very important to understand and plan the rebuilding of your soil fertility so you don’t waste both time and money and reach your goal earlier growing healthy disease free crops and vegetables.

Wormtec Worm Extract Organic Microbial Fertiliser

Worm extract fertiliser is produced by Wormtec Worm Farming and Vermiculture on the Queensland Gold Coast, this is a totally organic soil rebuilding fertiliser containing Microbes, Nutrients, Growth Hormones as well as humic and Folvic compounds all in soluble forms that your plants can utilize

Wormtec worm extract is the easiest method of easily applying microbes back into your sterile lifeless soils to start the job of rebuilding soil health, and building disease and pest resistance into your soil and plants.

Wormtec Worm Farming and Vermiculture is here to help you succeed in rebuilding the life in your soils and converting this into healthy crops and produce, please contact us at any time for assistance contact Greg on 0413 807176.






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