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I love no dig gardens or Lasagna gardens as they are sometimes called, I have built quite a few of these no dig gardens with community groups, schools and for some of my customers growing vegetables they are produced from organic waste materials, and I have seen exceptional growth and flavor in vegetables grown in these no dig gardens, There are photos on our Facebook page showing the construction of the different layers of materials.

To start a no dig garden you put a thick layer of news paper and cardboard on the ground where your garden is to be constructed, you then build thin layers of organic matter on top of this base, I normally start with a layer of mushroom compost then a layer of sugarcane stubble then a layer of horse manure then a layer of Lucerne hay then I top it off with a layer of composted chicken manure or compost, I also add some rock dust to the top of the finished garden bed and apply our Wormtec worm extract fertiliser to add the biology to cycle the nutrients into plant available forms , you can continue to build thin layers until you reach the height you’re after.

Remember you bed height will reduce by about 50% when it starts to age and it is watered it will compress reducing its height, you can use whatever waste materials you have available. This is the ideal method of building garden beds with no digging and if you use the correct waste materials you will provide all the nutrients and minerals your plants require for healthy growth.

Each year you just keep adding organic material to the top of the beds and the garden will reward you with fresh high quality nutrient dense vegetables.

I never apply synthetic fertiliser to any garden beds as we want the soil microbes cycling the nutrients into soluble plant food and we want an active large population of worms in our soil turning and aerating and moving organic matter deeper into the garden beds. Synthetic fertiliser kills both these populations and do you really want to eat vegetables or fruit containing chemical fertilisers.

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  1. Danielle Pomeroy says:

    Ready to fill our new vege patches and would I’ve to try the no dig method, it just makes sense. Having trouble sourcing the materials on the Gold Coast, except for your product and newspaper! Sugarcane stubble, Lucerne hay, composted manure and rock dust, any ideas where to buy? Also, I’ve read antibiotics and meds given to the animals will be in their manure. Your thoughts? Very pleased I’ve found your site! Cheers

  2. Greg says:

    Hi Danielle
    yes the no dig garden is the way to go, make your own soil instead of purchasing rubbish soil and then having to fix it yourself

    All the materials are easy to find, I have the Worm Castings, Rock dusts and composted Chicken Manures. I also have sources of horse manure Free. organic Soils (mount Tamborine)

    most chemicals are eliminated during composting

    contact me directly on 0413 807176 and I will help you out

    Regards Greg

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