Compost Tea

World wide there are more and more people trying and testing compost teas and compost extracts as the full potential of this natural process is realised. Wormtec is leading this technology in Australia and we have developed our own worm based organic microbial worm extract fertiliser, our product can be stored and transported not like compost teas and compost extracts our product is the next step in the development of microbial fertilisers, we have spent the last 10 years developing this product and have had the extracts tested to prove that our extractor does extract the biology from our worm castings or compost and that it is storable. we have been shipping Wormtec worm extract all around Australia for the last 6 years with no problems

Mobile Compost Extractor

Our wormtec worm extractor is set up as a mobile unit so that we can visit farmers and land owners and produce the extracts on site saving the farmers on transport costs.

Compost or worm castings

One of the only problems I see with compost tea or compost extracts is you need a high quality compost or worm casting to produce your liquid products from, as you can only extract the biology that is actually in the compost or worm castings. This is the main problem that I see and this is why we have spent 10 years perfecting our wormtec worm castings Our worm farm is fed a set food recipe 52 weeks a year, so Our Wormtec worm castings are consistently the same 12 months a year. Please also only purchase quality tested organic composts and worm castings so you know that the compost or worm castings has the biology you require.

Wormtec in Australia

Wormtec is actively working in Australia to produce the best possible organic microbial active worm extracts. These natural organic worm extracts will help to re establish the biology into your soils and on to your plant leaf surfaces.

The Future in Soil improvement

I believe worm extracts and compost teas, extracts are the future in soil improvement and conditioning and as a means of pest and disease prevention and control. This is a totally sustainable system with no negative impact on the environment at a cost efficient price.

World wide

Wormtec worm extracts and compost teas, extracts are being used more and more as farmers move away from synthetic fertilizer programs to a more natural organic sustainable system that is more cost efficient with out the negative impact on the environment that synthetic fertilizers have.

Over the last few years

We have seen huge interest and increased use of our natural organic microbial wormtec worm extract. Our client list continues to grow each week. As farmers and home owners realize the huge benefits of these products over synthetics. A large proportion of our new clients are referred to us from happy clients already using our compost teas and compost extracts or people that have seen our results first hand.

More information on Wormtec worm based extract available on this product link.