Environmental Policy

farming-vegetablesWorm Farming Environmental policy At Wormtec worm farming and vermiculture we are maintaining an environmental policy to minimize any negative impact to the environment that our operation might have. All our employees are fully trained and know their responsibility in relation to our environmental policy. All staff members are to insure that the environmental policy and all health and safety rules, regulations and policies are followed at all times and the environment is protected.

Key Objectives Of Our Environmental Policy:

a) To promote an understanding and awareness of environmental matters in relation to our operation.

b) To prevent any pollution and minimize any impact our operation has on the environment. To respond rapidly to any incident that might impact on the environment.

c) To work with in all state and local regulations.

By implementing this environmental policy Wormtec Worm Farming and Vermiculture will adapt the best available practices and procedures to insure that the environment is protected from our operation and application methods and equipment at all times.