Our aim

Our Aim -Wormtec Worm Farming and VermicultureWormtec Worm Farming and Vermiculture is positioned to become the leading provider of natural organic microbial soil improving products and foliar sprays for lawn, turf, garden and agricultural crop in Australia. We ship products all over Australia, we are also one of the largest microbial fertiliser producers in Australia   This is a totally sustainable system with no negative impacts on the environment. We are setting the standard for quality natural soil products and on site application services By utilizing compost worms in our natural product production

We are committed to promoting sustainable agriculture with the use of environmentally friendly natural organic microbial soil products and foliar sprays, while reducing the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

We aim to promote home worm farming and vermiculture and the use of worm derived natural organic soil improving products. We intend to help improve the environment by converting green waste and animal manures into useful natural organic soil improving products. These worm derived soil enhancing products have no negative impacts on the environment, unlike chemical fertilizers, and so reducing the use and the harmful effects these chemical fertilizers are having on the environment, with the use of compost worms and their beneficiary soil improving products, while reducing pollution and the amount of organic waste that goes to landfill sites each year.

Education Of The General Public We intend to help educate the general public and any interested groups into the benefits of home worm farming and the benefits to the environment, with the use of worm derived soil enhancing products through the free information on this website and any talks to community groups, gardening clubs or even waste management departments, please feel free to contact us through our contact form at any time.

Converting Kitchen And Yard Waste We should be putting our organic kitchen and yard waste back into the soil as nature intended. Our organic waste should go back into the soil to improve the environment organically. Compost worms thrive on organic matter. In nature everything that dies goes back into the soil to supply nutrients for the next generation of plants and animals. This is a critical role. Compost worms rebuild the soil by consuming organic matter and bio degradable materials back into the top soil to supply much needed nutrients, while improving the soils structure. Utilizing vermiculture and a worm farm with compost worms is the ideal method of removing this organic waste from our rubbish and then putting the worm cast back on to our gardens and lawns.

Animal Manures Animal manure problems can easily and safely be eliminated with the use of compost worms. The compost worms will eliminate all smells and pathogens in the manures and reduce these manures into natural soil improving products.

Waste Management We are more than happy to work with waste management departments in the safe conversion of commercial organic waste, it may be green waste or animal manures. We can assist you in an environmentally friendly manner to reduce your organic waste, with the use of compost worms with no negative impact on the environment. Vermiculture is the ideal method to reduce all our commercial organic waste.

The Worms Role Worms will help us convert all our organic matter into a plant available plant food in the form of worm cast. Worm cast is the product of the worms unique digestive system, converting organic matter into a 100% available plant food that is non-toxic environmentally friendly, safe and odour free. These soil conditioners will improve the soil by draining clay soils and helping to retain moisture in sandy soils, and supporting micro organisms and beneficial bacteria in maintaining soil health.

The Environment We have to stop polluting our environment by sending our green waste to landfill sites, and allowing animal manures to leach into our ground water and rivers. These landfill sites produce toxic chemicals underground due to the lack of oxygen. These toxic chemical leach into our waterways and ground water supplies. This toxic leaching will continue for many years to come. We all require clean water. Compost worms can solve a lot of these problems and eliminate all this waste, Keeping our natural ground water clean and pathogen free. Think of the environment utilize a worm farm, vermiculture and compost worms.