Fish Concentrate

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Wormtec Liquid Fish and Kelp is 100% Organic and can be used to improve any soil type. Our product is composted and fermented using biodynamic preparations.

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Wormtec fish and kelp fertiliser

This is a bio dynamic fish and kelp fertiliser that we have produced for us; it is even certified organic,

Fish is a great source of nitrogen and organic matter plus the proteins and amino acids plus nutrients and minerals

Kelp a fantastic source of trace minerals, plant hormones and sugars.

Bio dynamic compost preparations 502-507

The fish, kelp and bio dynamic preparations in this mix make it one of the best fertilisers on the market. In combination they give everything needed by the plants especialy when mixed with worm extract fertiliser to add the microbes into the mix.


  • Stronger plant growth
  • Stronger root system
  • Protection from light frosts
  • Resistance to disease
  • Better tasting fruit
  • Increase in brix levels

Detrimental side

Smells really bad, when you first apply it, keep it off your hands and cloths (as you will have no friends)

Loosen lid as it is microbial based it needs to breath, the bottle will expand in hot weather if lid is tightly closed it needs to be able to breath


Apply early morning or late afternoon or when the soil plants are wet

Best application rate is 1litre fish mix  to 100 litres water.

 Typical Analysis

Nitrogen        2.97 g/100g     Manganese 153 mg/Kg

Potassium    0.6 g/100g        Copper 104 mg/Kg

Phosphate    0.5 g/100g        Cadmium <0.1 mg/Kg

Calcium        0.23 g/100g      Nickel <0.1 mg/Kg

Magnesium  0.15 g/100g     Iron 87 mg/Kg

Sodium         0.45 g/100g     Zinc 20 mg/Kg

Mercury        <0.1 mg/Kg     Lead <0.1 mg/Kg


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