Brix Meter


The Brix Refractometer can be used to measure the amount of dissolved solids in the juice of a plant or vegetable

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The Brix Refractometer is used for measuring the amount of dissolved solids in a couple of drops of juice from either the fruit or the plant been tested, you can use the brix meter to gauge how healthy your fruit and vegetables are compared to shop purchased products, you can even test before and after fertilising to see how efficient the fertiliser was.

Why Test brix Levels

The higher you can get your brix levels in your plants the less pest and disease pressures your plants will be subjected to, also the higher the brix level the more mineral content your produce will contain, so you will consume this mineral when you eat your own home grow produce, higher the brix sweeter the taste, and the longer storage time for your produce without spoiling

Increasing brix levels is quite easy please contact me for more details via the website.




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