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Wormtec High Grade Worm Castings.  The future in organic environmental friendly soil improving products that actually works Microbial Active

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What are worm castings also called vermi- cast or vermicast?

Worm castings are the future in environmental friendly soil improving products that actually work

Worm cast, vermi cast this is the material that the worms have consumed and then has passed through the worms unique digestive system converting vast quantities of nutritional organic matter into a 100% available plant food.  Worm castings are 100% organic. When the worm expel their manure it dries into a granule. Worm cast helps retain moisture in the root zone and assists in drainage and aeration of the soil. It promotes longer, stronger and healthier root systems. It contains rich proportions of water soluble nutrients that act with the slow release properties of the worm cast to stop nutrients from leaching out of the root zone. Worm cast is safe to use anywhere is odorless and is a natural soil improver. Worm castings are alive with beneficial microbes that rebuild depleted soil.

How our worm castings, also called Vermi-cast, vermicast started

We first started to produce our Wormtec worm castings or vermi cast  for the brewing of our Wormtec liquid worm extract range of products.  We could not find a suitable worm cast, vermi cast that could meet our high standards. So we now produce our own with years of research and development to produce our worm cast to this very high standard. While developing this custom feeding and testing program, we feed only the highest quality nutritional organic matter that is mixed to the same recipe each and every time. These results in a very high quality worm cast, vermi cast that is consistently the same? We now have a huge bio-diverse mixture of beneficial bacteria, fungi, microorganisms and plant available micro nutrients in our products

 Why is our worm cast, vermi cast or vermicast unique?

Our Wormtec worm cast is useful in putting the biology back into your soil and will rebuild your soil health, as this is an organic product. It has no negative impact on the environment, not like chemical fertilizers. It is also safe to use around children and pets. You can use worm cast, vermi cast as an organic soil amendment to improve soil structure or part of a potting mix.

Wormtec worm cast or vermi cast supports soil health

by increasing the activity of natural occurring micro-organisms and beneficial enzymes in the soil. Wormtec worm cast will help control soil pathogens and nematodes by increasing soil health, repelling disease and insect attacks. Wormtec worm cast, vermi cast is full of the minerals, nutrients and organisms that plants require for growth. It is a perfect plant food.

Some of the benefits of worm cast:

– Totally safe

– Odor free.

– Nontoxic.

– Retains moisture (so less water is required).

– Provides drainage in clay soils.

– Retains moisture in sandy soils.

– Won’t burn fragile root systems.

– Can be used in any quantity (because it’s totally organic.)

– Is safe to use around children and pets.

– Will improve your soil and the health of your plants, lawns and tree’s.

– Will reduce the amount of water required to maintain your garden.

Worm cast can be used on the following list:

– Lawns

– Trees

– Herbs

– Potted plants

– Flower gardens

-Vegetable gardens

– Orchids and rose bushes

How to use worm cast, vermi cast or vermicast


As a soil conditioner enhancer:

1. Lightly rake the area to be improved with worm cast to break up the soil

2. Spread the worm cast onto the soil’s surface.

3. Lightly rake the worm cast into the topsoil.

4. Lightly mulch over the top to add the organic matter into the soil.

5. Water well.

If kept moist and well mulched, worm eggs in cast will hatch and worms will get to work rebuilding soil health.

As a tree and plant improver:

1. Spread worm cast around base of trees or plants. 2. Lightly dig in. 3. Re-mulch around base of plant. 4. Water in well.

Worm cast will not burn fragile root systems, so all plants can be treated with worm cast as much as you like.

As a seed germination mixture:

1. Mix a small amount of worm cast in your flower beds or vegetables.

– When you sow the seeds this will aid in seed germination and supply their food source for the first few months of life.

Pot plants:

1. Spread a small amount of worm cast around the base of each plant.

2. Lightly dig in.

– If re-potting your pot plants mix about 20% worm cast in with your potting mixture before potting plant.

As a liquid soil improver:

1. Worm cast can be soaked in water over night or so, then the fluid drained. (One of the best ways to fertilize your gardens)

2. Spray the foliage of your plants with this very nutrient filled mixture.

– Use one cup per five litres of water agitates each day to release more nutrients from the worm cast, vermi cast. The liquid soil enhancer that runs off the leaves will be absorbed by the roots.


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