100% Real Testimonials from our Clients

BEAUTIFUL Chemical Free LAWNS made easy

We have used Wormtec products for a number of years now, and have found them to be exceptional value for money. They provide a healthy organic soil food that reduces pest outbreaks, increases the uptake of health giving minerals from the soil to the plant, increases yields and decreases water consumption. Sustainable gardening is our business we rely on these products to run our demonstration gardens and are happy to recommend them to our clients and members because we know they work.

Justin Sharman-Selvidge

Manager, Gold Coast Permaculture

I have been using Wormtec Worm Extract for the past two seasons on our farm growing 50Ha of capsicums. I believe Wormtec Worm Extract is very cost efficient and an effective way of replacing a diverse range of beneficial biology, minerals and other organic substances back into our soil. We have found that as years progress more soil born diseases have been affecting our crops. Since the introduction of Wormtec Worm Extract our soil health is taking a step in the right direction and with continued use I believe our overall soil health will improve.

Mark Totorica

Commercial Farmer, E & M Capsicum’s

To whom it may concern Our company, GB&S Australia represents a number of key golf clubs and other sporting facilities throughout Australia. We have adopted a more environmentally sustainable, biologically focused program over the past decade which has had an amazing impact on our turf quality and has also impacted in a positive way on our budgetary bottom line.

Wormtec worm extract has been a major component in our biological nutrition programming and we have observed a reduced requirement for insecticides, fungicides and synthetic fertilisers.

We enjoy working with Greg and he has provided us with a greater appreciation of our biological systems and reiterated the importance of a robust growing medium.

Rob Halsall

Managing Director, GB&S Australia - Golf Course

I’ve been impressed with the results I’ve seen over the last 6 -7 years after using Wormtec to treat serious stress related tree problems. Whether it’s water stress, pest and disease problems or off-setting construction related impacts, the improvement in plant health after using Wormtec products continues to impress both myself and my clients.

I would recommend Wormtec to anyone who truly values the benefits of maintaining optimal plant health.

Craig Reid

AQF Level 8 Arborist Director/ Principal Consultant, The Tree Advisory Centre Pty Ltd www.treeadvisorycentre.com.au

Greg Plevey introduced us to his product Worm extract; we had recently had new turf laid due to a new road construction in our street. The turf was poorly laid and was turning yellow, very patchy and thin. Greg suggested we use his product Worm extract.

Wow! Within two weeks of Greg spraying his excellent environmentally, innovative formula we could notice the difference in the lawn. Our neighbours had also had their turf replaced by the same company and you can clearly see the difference.

After several months and a couple of treatments of Worm extract, we now have a thick, healthy lawn that chokes out any stray weeds. I would highly recommend the use of this effective and natural product. It is A quick and easy process with no odour and the effects are long lasting. It is ecologically friendly and most importantly it has made our lawn drought resistant.

I have found Greg to be passionate, reliable and informative about his fantastic product, worm extract. Therefore I enthusiastically endorse worm extract as an effective lawn treatment. So what are you waiting for, start the treatment and reap the benefits of this wonderful product. Regards from an extremely satisfied customer.

Vicky Grant

Hope Island

It was about 18 months ago I started reading about worm tea for orchids. When I looked on the internet for worm tea I came across Greg Plevey and Wormtec. Since that time I have been using worm tea on a regular basis for my orchids. I have been very pleased with the results, seeing good growth for all my orchids, excellent colour in my plants and also I have been pleased with the way my orchids have flowered. Greg has provided a great product and I will continue to use this product as soon as Spring and the growing season arrives. I would encourage any home gardener to contact Greg and give worm tea a try for all varieties of plants.

Lionel Rose


When we moved into our house in Elanora 3 1/2 years ago, we found our dogs suffered a terrible time with fleas. I try to avoid using chemical on them at all costs, but nothing was working and they were terribly affected. They ended up being on the maximum dose of every concoction the vet could put them on, but they still had fleas so bad they would bite themselves until they bled. I treated the yard with lime as I heard that the fleas might have found the pH of the soil to be pleasing. I did research on the internet on what natural alternatives were available to me. I found a site that said that if I had the right nematodes under my shrubs, they would sort out the flea larvae. So I went to Bunnings and asked for a bunch of nematodes. They couldn’t help me (and kind of backed away from me slowly, saying that nematodes are bad and no-one wants them.

I found Greg Plevey and Wormtec by looking up ‘worms’ in the Yellow Pages. He came out and analysed the problem and treated the yard. It cost less than what we were paying for two months of flea treatments. We have only had three treatments from Greg and the decrease in the flea problem has been significant. We were also extremely pleasantly surprised in the difference we have also noticed in the yard. At the same time, we had an incredible problem with weeds. The more we keep the soil healthy with Greg’s treatments and advice (avoiding using chemicals in the yard, ‘feeding’ the soil, etc), the less we have weed problems and the more vibrant our garden is with less effort from us.

I would highly recommend Greg, his products and the advice he gives. He has a wealth of knowledge and such a great appreciation of the biological interactions associated with soils and multiple spin-off effects that what we do has down the line. We are so blessed to have him on the Gold Coast.

If you try his products and follow his advice you will get results. It may not happen as quickly and noticeably as it did for us, but it will happen.

Kathleen Berton