Organic Fertiliser Testimonials

Organic Fertiliser Testimonials from our clients: The following are some unsolicited comments from our clients. All original testimonials are held at our office.

Worm Extract Testimonials:

“We have used Wormtec products for a number of years now, and have found them to be exceptional value for money. They provide a healthy organic soil food that reduces pest outbreaks, increases the uptake of health giving minerals from the soil to the plant, increases yields and decreases water consumption. Sustainable gardening is our business we rely on these products to run our demonstration gardens and are happy to recommend them to our clients and members because we know they work.”

Justin Sharman-Selvidge Gold Coast Permaculture

“I was first introduced to Wormtec at my local Bromeliad Club garden open day where Greg Plevey was giving a talk. I must point out that I am a novice gardener, brom enthusiast and cynic of the first order who will run a mile when the hard sell is on. I listened to Greg that day and what he was saying gave me food for thought. Would worm extract help with the battle I was having with rust on my frangipani trees? I bought a 5L container that day and have been using it ever since. Initially I was very cautious when spraying the bromeliads and it took me a lot of time to trust that the product would not harm them. I have found that my frangipani rust is kept in check; worms are coming back into the garden, no mean feat when I have very little top soil. The bromeliads seem to love it and it seems to keep them cleaner. I always use a solution of worm extract and kelp powder potting up pups, putting down seed and spraying growing seedling. I believe that the products I buy from Greg at Wormtec are having a positive impact on my garden and bromeliads and will continue to use them on a regular basis.”

Cheryl Helensvale

“On behalf of us at VARSITY VEGIES community garden, we are a totally organic garden. I can honestly say that WORMTEC products really are great. Also Gregs knowledge of soil conditioning is equal to anyone’s, proof can be seen in our gardens, we have 40 individual plots plus common areas, just by walking about you can tell who uses the WORMTEC organic worm extract, WORMTEC kelp powder, and composted horse manure, along with his knowledge of how to get your plants so healthy, bugs will never be a problem. If you have healthy soil, healthy plants, there is no need to use poisons. We welcome anyone to look at our gardens to see for themselves.”

Sheila Perkins pres. Varsity Vegies

“When we moved into our house in Elanora 3 1/2 years ago, we found our dogs suffered a terrible time with fleas. I try to avoid using chemical on them at all costs, but nothing was working and they were terribly affected. They ended up being on the maximum dose of every concoction the vet could put them on, but they still had fleas so bad they would bite themselves until they bled. I treated the yard with lime as I heard that the fleas might have found the pH of the soil to be pleasing. I did research on the internet on what natural alternatives were available to me. I found a site that said that if I had the right nematodes under my shrubs, they would sort out the flea larvae. So I went to Bunnings and asked for a bunch of nematodes. They couldn’t help me (and kind of backed away from me slowly, saying that nematodes are bad and no-one wants them.

I found Greg Plevey and Wormtec by looking up ‘worms’ in the Yellow Pages. He came out and analysed the problem and treated the yard. It cost less than what we were paying for two months of flea treatments. We have only had three treatments from Greg and the decrease in the flea problem has been significant. We were also extremely pleasantly surprised in the difference we have also noticed in the yard. At the same time, we had an incredible problem with weeds. The more we keep the soil healthy with Greg’s treatments and advice (avoiding using chemicals in the yard, ‘feeding’ the soil, etc), the less we have weed problems and the more vibrant our garden is with less effort from us.

I would highly recommend Greg, his products and the advice he gives. He has a wealth of knowledge and such a great appreciation of the biological interactions associated with soils and multiple spin-off effects that what we do has down the line. We are so blessed to have him on the Gold Coast.

If you try his products and follow his advice you will get results. It may not happen as quickly and noticeably as it did for us, but it will happen.”

Kathleen Berton QLD

“Hi my name is Guido I have a 20 Hectare Macadamia nut farm at Tregeagle near Lismore N.S.W. I have been in this industry for over 20 years. We have approximately 5000 macadamia nut trees on our property they range in age from 2 yrs old to 20 yrs old. We have various varieties of trees 334, 333, 508, a29, a4, 849, 816. Over the years I have been using synthetic fertilizers and sprays and noticed that insects have not decreased but my sprays were getting stronger my application of fertilizers were applied at a greater rate each year.

18 months ago I decided to cut back on synthetic chemicals and fertilizers and to try a more natural approach to farming, I have started producing my own compost that I mulch around my trees with, I have also been using BD remedy sprays, as well as foliar and soil drench applications of Fish, Humic acid, minerals and plant available nutrient. I have also been trialling a trichogramma wasp to control nut borer with out the use of damaging chemicals. I am trying to maintain health beneficial biology on my trees and in the soil to help to control pest and disease out breaks on our property. After 18 months on this new program I have noticed an increase in the health of my trees and now have earth worms under my trees where before there were none.

We have been speaking with wormtec worm farming and vermiculture and Greg has visited us at our farm to see how wormtec can assist us, we are currently trying Wormtec worm extract as a trial to supply more beneficial biology and plant available nutrient to our trees and soil. We are also considering using wormtec worm castings under our trees to inoculate the soil with compost worms and all the beneficial biology there castings contain. We also intend adding compost worms to our compost windrows so that when we are mulching our trees we are also adding compost worms, worm cast and worm eggs to our trees at the same time.

I have just started to produce my own compost tea for application on to my trees and soil to once again introduce beneficial biology to help rebuilding my soil and plant health and to protect against pests and disease out breaks, with out the use of harsh chemicals.

I believe if we want to continue farming and produce a better and healthier product we must reduce, and then move away from the use and practices of chemical farming. Guido”

Guido Lismore N.S.W.

“We would highly recommend Wormtec products as we have had a regular spraying program with Wormtec products over the past two years. We started with a free trial of the products on the grounds and gardens in our complex and we were able to establish the difference they made. We then began a six month program which has carried onto a regular yearly spraying program with the use of other Wormtec products to assist with soil improvement of our very stony and clay based soil. By having a regular spraying program in place it maintains the huge improvements Wormtec products made to all areas of the grounds and gardens. We are a complex set on six acres with numerous gardens and grassed areas.”

Samantha & Ian Turner Runaway Heights – 14 July 2010

“We were thrilled with the results we achieved from using Wormtec’s compost mix. Our lawn is more lush and robust and the improvement in the health of our veggie patch was amazing! Our tomatoes have a much sweeter taste and all the plants have flourished. Thanks to everyone at Wormtec!”

Tom & Dianne Benowa

“It was about 18 months ago I started reading about worm tea for orchids. When I looked on the internet for worm tea I came across Greg Plevey and Wormtec. Since that time I have been using worm tea on a regular basis for my orchids. I have been very pleased with the results, seeing good growth for all my orchids, excellent colour in my plants and also I have been pleased with the way my orchids have flowered. Greg has provided a great product and I will continue to use this product as soon as Spring and the growing season arrives. I would encourage any home gardener to contact Greg and give worm tea a try for all varieties of plants.”

Lionel Rose QLD

“Greg and his tireless little worm workers at Wormtec produce a superb product for all applications in the garden, for growing and enhancing soil biology.Twelve months ago greg sprayed his wormtec solution onto my top-soil depleted clay garden and now I have a 6mm top soil beginning to establish itself.”

John & Marilyn Sinnett QLD

“My lawn was struggling. The ground was hard. Weeds were difficult to eliminate. Grass was not looking healthy. My partner had heard of Wormtec, its product and expected benefits. So I called Greg at Wormtec. He came out promptly as organised. The service and explanations re: the product, how it works and believed outcome were easily understood, and professionally delivered. He has since been back several times for ongoing beneficial maintenance at my request. For such a product it really is well priced I believe. My lawn became healthier, noticeably softer underfoot, and rainwater absorption is far more effective. With my help in carefully pulling weeds, they are now most certainly far and few between. Of course seasonal bindies return but ever so briefly and in far fewer patches. I whole heartedly offer my support of Wormtec and its nourishment of lawns as I’ve experienced it in my yard. As a teacher I have forward my support of the product to my school’s Horticulture Teacher, and groundsman to consider using it principally as a sports oval softener, whilst incidentally gaining its other associated benefits.”

Marco B. QLD

“I have lived on the Gold Coast for 5 years; the unit my husband and I are in was in a bad way, (garden wise) I got to know Greg Through our complex manager. Greg came & did our front lawn & sprayed my garden also with his product. Since then our lawn has never looked better, plus my plants in the garden are thriving thanks to Greg.”



“Greg Plevey introduced us to his product Worm extract; we had recently had new turf laid due to a new road construction in our street. The turf was poorly laid and was turning yellow, very patchy and thin. Greg suggested we use his product Worm extract.

Wow! Within two weeks of Greg spraying his excellent environmentally, innovative formula we could notice the difference in the lawn. Our neighbours had also had their turf replaced by the same company and you can clearly see the difference.

After several months and a couple of treatments of Worm extract, we now have a thick, healthy lawn that chokes out any stray weeds. I would highly recommend the use of this effective and natural product. It is A quick and easy process with no odour and the effects are long lasting. It is ecologically friendly and most importantly it has made our lawn drought resistant.

I have found Greg to be passionate, reliable and informative about his fantastic product, worm extract. Therefore I enthusiastically endorse worm extract as an effective lawn treatment. So what are you waiting for, start the treatment and reap the benefits of this wonderful product

Regards from an extremely satisfied customer.”

Vicky Grant. Hope Island, 25 April 2008

“Runaway Heights One is a complex of 46 permanent units on an area of 1.7 hectares located at 601 Pine Ridge Road Biggera Waters. The lawns and gardens cover approximately half the area of the complex.

This is a typical complex construction where the developer removed all the topsoil and then replaced approximately 50 to 75 mm of topsoil on the lawns and gardens over gravelly/clay soil which are typical of the soils in the Surfer Paradise area. A sample of these soils were tested prior to any treatments and revealed that the soil was acid with a PH of 4. This low PH reading was due to the type of soil and also the use of synthetic fertilizers over many years.

In June 2007 Wormtec approached us to see if the Body Corp would allow a trial of their product on a small area of lawn. This was approved and the trial produced very good results with only 3 applications over 2 months. Based on this, the committee then approved a 3 year programme for all the lawns in the complex consisting of 7 applications in year one and 1 or 2 applications in the following 2 years. This work started in November 2007 with 2 applications in the first 4 weeks and then applications over the summer period as the weather and conditions allowed. To date 4 applications have been carried out.

The results from soil testing have shown that both the Wormtec product including additives (seasol) and lime application have improved the soil PH from 4 to 6. In May 2008 we had several weeks of dry weather and the lawns that were not affected by tree roots were looking very healthy and much better than similar lawns in the adjacent complex. To help with the production of mulch to feed the organisms and soil we have mowed the lawns to a height of 60 mm and left the clippings to compost down onto the soil.

Over the growing season we have only mowed the lawns half as many times as adjoining complex on similar soils. This is because we found that the grass roots had increased in length by approximately 20%. This indicated to us that the grass was putting a lot of effort into growing deeper roots in search of moisture and nutrients and not into the grass indicating that the soil was getting healthier.

Overall the results to date show a great improvement in grass growth and appearance indicating to us that the soil correction is happening with the aid of Wormtec product.

Wormtec have worked closely with us and the owners to achieve our long term programme of improving the lawns and gardens within the complex. They have continually monitored the progress of the applications and given advice and suggestions on various mixtures of their product to improve the soil, lawns and gardens. “

Brian Borrell Manager – Runaway Heights

Worm Swag Testimonials:

“I purchased the ‘Worm Swag’ from Wormtec Worm Farming and Vermiculture and after seven months using the worm swag I am more than happy to recommend this product. The swag hangs from my fence and takes up very little space, while all my fruit and vegetable scraps are used to produce the end result which is a liquid fertiliser. The worm swag does not emit any odours unlike other types of compost and is a very clean and tidy unit for any garden or small area. This product is an excellent idea as it has substantially reduced my household waste while saving me money on fertilisers. The end product ‘liquid gold’ fertiliser only has to be diluted with water and then I use it on all my plants in the garden. My plants are noticeably healthier and have grown substantially since starting to use this fertiliser.

This product is ideal for anyone who wants to reduce household waste, which in turn helps the environment, while also improving your garden.”


“I purchased my worm swag from your friendly staff over six months ago. It was delivered to my door completely set up with bedding and worms ready to hang and feed. We even received free training at delivery, all this at the original price of the swag, what a great idea and service.

We are very happy with the easy to use worm swag and the minimal maintenance that it requires. While the swag consumes our entire kitchen organic waste from four people with no trouble at all. There is no smell emitted from the swag and the liquid fertilizer and worm cast are used on our garden.

I am more than happy to recommend the worm swag. It is ideal for eliminating home organic waste and no longer have a smelly rubbish bin.”

Neil & Jane Wilson Gold Coast Queensland

“Around 12 months ago we purchased a ‘Swag’ compost worm farm from ‘wormtec’ worm farming and vermiculture. We have found it to be very useful in reducing our kitchen waste and garden clippings, only taking a few moments each day to keep the worms happy and thriving. The ‘Swag’ takes up very little room as it hangs from the ceiling – has no smell and attracts no vermin. The liquid and solid waste has been most beneficial for our lawns and gardens. For the small initial outlay we feel it is money well spent.”

Regards Dayl Willis Palm Beach Queensland