About Us

about wormtec worm farming and vermicultureWe are a family owned and operated commercial worm farm and organic fertiliser producer located on the Queensland Gold Coast. We also have various worm farming joint ventures in the Southern Queensland Region recycling animal manures on farms and green waste from lawn mowing contractors as well as our lawn, turf, garden and agricultural crop microbial worm extract application service.

What We Produce We produce worm derived organic microbial soil improving products as well as the sale of compost worms for home worm farms or organic waste elimination vermiculture. The main focus of our business is in the production of our Wormtec Organic Liquid Worm Extract Fertiliser. Worm Extract is shipped Australia wide direct to fertiliser companies, Farmers and home growers, as well as for application on to local lawns and gardens in the Gold Coast region with our fertiliser application service. We can also provide these products for you to apply to your own grounds if you prefer. Our products are all natural and have been developed over a 10 years period with independently testing by both the Soil Food Institute, and Southern Cross Universities Environmental laboratory

Our On Site Lawn And Turf Treatment We are now also offering our on site lawn, turf and garden microbial soil treatment this has been in Research and Development over the last couple of years and now has been perfected without the negative impact chemical fertilizers have on the environment. This is a totally safe natural worm derived soil improving product with no negative impact on the environment. Produced by the process of vermiculture at our commercial worm farm

Public Awareness We are also trying to raise the awareness of the general public into the benefits of using worm derived microbial soil improvers and there benefits to the environment without any negative impact. As well as the roll that compost worm can play in the recycling of our kitchen and yard organic waste and reduce the impact of this organic waste on the environment. Using a worm farm and converting this organic waste using vermiculture methods is the easiest method of converting this problem waste source.

We Would Like To Work With You We feed our worms the best quality organic material available that is mixed to a set recipe, so that we have very high quality organic microbial soil improvers and extremely healthy worms. This allows us to produce compost worms and soil improvers year round. We supply both retail and wholesale markets. So if your a home worm farmer a wholesaler or a distributor we can service you all with our personal attention and high quality products at affordable prices.

Buying Direct From The Producer Buying direct from the producer assures you of the most cost efficient purchase without the middle men mark up and direct customer support. We have been refining our worm extract  and soil improving products over the last 10 years to get to the very high standard that we have now attained