Beating Soil Compaction

Soil Compaction

Soil Compaction is one of the most understood problems with growing a nice lawn or turf area or even worst is a sporting field, once your soil is compacted over 300 psi your grass no longer has the ability to penetrate the soil with its root system, once your soil is compacted your grass root system will just grow sideways on top of the compacted soil, 300 psi is not a very high measurement either  

The Cause

Synthetic fertilisers i believe are the number one cause of soil compaction, Why? because they are salt based they have a detrimental effect on soil microbe populations. synthetic fertilisers  kill beneficial soil microbes each and every time you apply them, Chemical fertilisers also affect the soil PH levels.

Foot traffic is another cause of compacting the soil but this is normally only a problem on sporting fields but is seen on high traffic areas on domestic lawn areas it can be seen around swimming pool gate entry around clothes lines any high traffic areas will show signs of soil compaction.

What is Soil Compaction

Soil Compaction is the soil that has had all the air pushed out of it from people or equipment traveling across it, from people walking to mowers, slashers and sporting equipment, once the air has been pushed out of the soil the soil will be rock hard, so both water and air have trouble entering the soil profile grass and turf are unable to grow in highly compacted soil

The Cure for Soil Compaction That We Use.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

But soil compaction is so easy to fix as long as you move away from chemical fertilisers as they are part of the problem

Soil Biology is the number one key to de-compacting and aerating sporting ovals, lawn and turf,  for good, by inoculating your soil with beneficial soil microbes that have been extracted from worm castings into our Wormtec Liquid Organic Lawn, Garden and Sporting Field Fertiliser you can eliminate soil compaction without having to use aerators

One of the jobs soil microbes do for us is to live in the soil and to open up the soil by living in the pore spaces and collinating each and every soil particle this allows both air and water easy entry into the soil profile. So if you kill off the soil microbes the soil will become compacted from foot and vehicle traffic

Manually Aerating you soil

Aerating your soil by hand or by machinery on larger areas in my experience just does not work, why go to all that effort and cost to only have it go compacted again from foot traffic in a very short period of time, the cure is to allow the soil microbes to work on the soil 24 hours a day 365 days a year and they work for free.

Wormtec Worm Extract Organic Microbial Fertiliser

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