Why Wasting Organic Matter?  Is a Waste

We have all been guilty of it some time or another discarding our lawn clippings and plant clippings into the rubbish bin and sending it off to the local tip, what a waste, even our organic waste from the vegetable garden should never be thrown out, dig a hole and bury it in the vegetable garden beds for the worms to convert back into organic plant food.

As one of the largest commercial worm farmers in Australia and the largest producer of worm based fertilisers, I collect organic waste that would otherwise go to land fill sited to feed our commercial worm pits, we then produce organic fertilisers from this waste by allowing our worms to convert this yard waste into worm castings.

You can do this as well by recycling your organic waste straight back onto your garden beds and letting the microbe and earth worms take this waste down into the soil profile and releasing it as organic fertiliser

I also top dress all my garden beds and vegetable gardens with all my yard waste lawn clippings, leaves and the scraps from the kitchen go to our chickens and then the chicken waste goes back to the vegetable garden I think this is the only way to be sustainable and cost efficient.

Why should we have to top dress our lawns and gardens every year by purchasing products from the local landscape supplier, we should be turning our own organic waste back into our own soils, we don’t have to make it hard for ourselves no need for a compost bin or worm farm, put the waste on your vegetable garden and let the worms convert it right there where you put it, into organic fertiliser.

By purchasing soils you are increasing the chances of introducing weed seeds into your garden beds, on the subject of purchasing organic soils, I always tell my customer to rebuild their soils by incorporating weed free organic matter like mushroom compost or mulches direct from the producer, please google no dig gardens or Lasagna gardens there are even some photos on our Facebook page of lasagna gardens I have done.

I love doing Lasagna gardens just built from organic waste materials Paper, Cardboard, straw, hay , lawn clippings, leaves, horse manures just anything you can get your hands on Lasagna garden check it out.

Did you know earth worms in your soil indicate soil fertility or healthy soil, worms eat soil microbes not organic matter if you have no earth worms your soil has no microbes, if your soil has been sterilized by chemical fertilisers you have killed of all the microbes leading to no earth worms, you will need to re-introduce the microbes back into your soil then the worm eggs in your soil will hatch and your worm population will return.

The easiest method of rebuilding the life in your soil is to add organic matter and use Wormtec worm extract to rebuild your microbe population into the soil to start the job of nutrient cycling and stimulating worm activity