It’s all in the Soil, Healthy Plants Don’t Get Sick

Growing healthy plants, vegetables and commercial crops.  Is all about the soil, if you have healthy soil you will have a healthy plant, if the soil is lacking then your plants will show symptoms such as disease, mineral deficiencies and pest attacks

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Plant’s Show Symptoms. When the average Gardener sees their plants showing symptoms they treat the symptoms but never the real cause. So they are stuck treating disease after disease and mineral deficiency when they should have just invested a little time and effort in rebuilding the life in their soils.

Treating symptoms. Synthetic chemicals and poisons just make it a lot worse than doing nothing at all, because every time you add a synthetic chemical to your plants or soil you are killing the biological life that lives there.

The Life in Our Soils. Is there to protect our plants and to rebuild the fertility in our soils by breaking down organic mattering to humus and solubilising the minerals in the soil so that plants can take up these soluble mineral through the root system.

Symptom with Fruit and Vegetables. Small fruit, fruit lacks flavor, fruit has low mineral content, very slow growing and fruit has short storage time before spoiling.

How Do I Repair my Soil?  If you’re growing fruits and vegetables you need to replace what you are removing, so you’re removing vegetables you need to feed the soil  organic material composts, manures, lawn clipping, plus rock dust, worm casting plus fine rock dust as this is a mineral.

Microbes, you need as many microbes working in your soil as is possible, these guys are the workers and supply the food (organic material) and minerals (rock dust) in a soluble form for the plants to use, without the microbe the whole system fails

Why have I not mentioned Worms?  Because worms eat microbe’s not organic matter so without microbes you won’t have any worms. Worms are your biggest indicator of healthy soil and soil fertility.  If you have no worms you need to build the microbial population in your soil to succeed

Organic fertiliser you can trust

Organic fertiliser you can trust

Organic Microbial fertiliser.  Wormtec Worm Farming and Vermiculture produce an easy to use organic microbial fertiliser that will inoculate your soil with microbes whilst fertilising organically at the same time. Google Wormtec Worm Extract or visit to find out more