for blog 9.9.2014 007

this is an old celery that was forgotten in the fridge for about three weeks

This is how we grow our Celery, we just cut the bottom off a celery and plant this in our organic hydroponics system or the ground.










for blog 9.9.2014 008

nothing hard about this just cut off bottom

Cutting the bottom off the Celery










for blog 9.9.2014 011

waste recycling in our back yard, yes no worm farm or compost bin, the girls get it all

Nothing wasted at our house waste goes to the girls for recycling













for blog 9.9.2014 016

bottom planted into hydroponics system

Bottom of celery planted into hydroponics system











for blog 9.9.2014 017

not hard at all, even the kids will do it for you

My number one helper see even the kids can do it










for blog 9.9.2014 020

A celery I planted a month or so a go

One I planted during winter, at this size we start to eat them in salads, no need to let them get too big, i try to get a few going as the are great to eat at this size.


So try cutting off the bottom of your Celery and planting them into your garden