Disposing of Pet Waste using a pet waste composter

Home Worm Farming for animal waste disposal, including dog and cat manure is not the most serious pollutant in our streets and yards but can make a huge impact if left unmanaged.

Why Is Pet Waste So Bad?

Dog and cat manure is not the most serious pollutant in our streets and yards but can make a huge impact if left unmanaged. Dog droppings contain bacteria and parasites as well as pathogens that can make us all sick if left unmanaged. There are numerous diseases that we can catch off pet manures. When these animal droppings get washed into our waterways, or rained on these disease organisms leach into our ground water supplies de-grading our natural ground water supplies. Pet manures also attract flies and other pests that can also lead to disease transmission when they are not disposed of properly.

Managing pet waste

Disposal is something that we can all do, and will help to make the environment a healthier cleaner place for us all to enjoy. This does not need to be an unpleasant task either, you don’t have to put up with bad smelling rubbish bins or flies everywhere. You can use a worm farm to dispose of all your pet waste. The compost worms will eliminating all the smell, flies and pests at the same time. This is the environmentally friendly no smell way of pet waste disposal.

Disposing of pet manures

You can dispose of all your pet waste in a home worm farm. We recommend a dedicated worm farm for all your pet waste disposal. Because of the likely hood of some harmful pathogens still been in the waste. Dog and cat droppings are one of there owners biggest problems. You can put it in the bin but the smell and flies are not very pleasant especially when it sits there for a week in the middle of summer. The environmentally friendly solution is to use compost worms to convert this pet waste in a odour free method. The worms remove all odour and pathogens while processing this animal waste. You can even use the finished worm cast on your gardens and lawns but not on you edible veggies or herbs just in case there is still a pathogen in the finished worm cast. You must combine the pet waste with a material high in carbon like damp shredded news paper you must cover the pet waste everyday. You can also put all your organic kitchen and yard waste in with your pet waste, compost worms will eliminate all this waste for you in an environmentally friendly way without any bad smells or pest problems.