Eliminates Thatch Build Up

As Wormtec Worm Extract Fertiliser is a Microbial based fertiliser one of the benefits of been microbial is the fact that the Micro-biology contained in our fertiliser consumes dead organic matter, So the microbes contained in our Wormtec Worm Extract fertiliser when applied to your soil, grass and turf, Will start the job of breaking down the dead organic matter (thatch) under your grass or turf root system.


Why do I need to break down the organic matter in my soil?

One of the jobs of soil microbes in the soil is to break down organic matter in to humus and soluble forms for the grass and plants to utilise as plant food , the soil microbes and earthworms will also consume and eliminate any disease organisms contained in this organic matter or manures that you have put on your garden, the soil microbes and earth worms will also mix this organic matter into the soil profile improving the soil texture and air and water holding capacity.
With synthetic fertiliser use and chemical abuse on your garden, lawns and soil you kill off the soil microbe numbers and are left with organic matter and manures that contains disease spores that will attack your lawns and garden when conditions are suitable Organic matter cannot break down without decomposing microbes, so this organic matter will just lay on the surface of the soil, unavailable as food for your lawn and gardens, but could contain disease spores and pests, just waiting for the right conditions to attack.your turf grass and plants.

How to eliminate thatch build up and fertilise your lawn at the same time

Using a microbial fertiliser like Wormtec Organic Microbial Worm Extract Fertiliser on your lawn and turf grass areas is the easiest method of re-introducing beneficial soil microbes onto you grass to act as a bio- fertiliser and to convert your organic matter into humus and to allow this humus to feed your grass, the soil biology will also start the job of consuming any bacterial or fungi disease spores that are laying dormant in this dead organic matter