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100% Organic Golf Course Fertilising

Wormtec Worm Farming and Vermiculture has been working closely with golf course staff both locally here on the Qld Gold Coast, Ipswich and both Sydney and Melbourne, To help them improve there turf grass health and to increase soil structure, one of the benefits of our microbial fertiliser is that the microbes do unlock unavailable chemical nutrients that are in the soil profile and make these nutrients plant available, the Microbial component of our Wormtec Worm Extract Organic Microbial Fertiliser  is that they open up the soil profile so both air and water can enter the soil, reducing soil compaction and allowing root systems greater root depth penetration.

We have also seen drastic improvement to turf grass that is watered with reclaimed water when treated with our Wormtec Organic Worm Extract Microbial Fertiliser.

High Wear Areas, Beating Soil Compaction

High wear areas like tees and greens have reduced compact from foot traffic when Worm Extract Fertiliser is used, this allows the turf to stay stress free and healthy, without bare patches developing from soil compaction, Soil compaction is one of the main problems with turf grass as any compaction over 300 Psi of compaction pressure turf grass can not put there roots down into the soil, so if you have bare compacted areas turf grass will never be able to grow there until it is de-compacted.

Soil Microbes live in the pore space between soil particles and coat each soil particle with a mucus layer that holds moisture, so by increasing microbe numbers and removing negative detrimental influences to microbe survival you can maintain open soil profiles, but if you kill off microbe numbers with chemical abuse you will have soil compaction problems, Why use mechanical aerators when soil microbes will do a better job 24/ 7/ 365 day a year for free.

Bio Fertilising with beneficial soil microbes 

Reducing Pest and Disease attacks on your turf grass is also possible with the microbes contained in our Worm Extract Fertiliser, the microbes will consume the thatch layer from under your turf grass turning this thatch layer into plant available food, this removes this area where disease spores and pest like to wait for the correct conditions to attack your turf grass, The microbes will also move up onto the turf grass and consume disease spores, when there are no more food resources on the turf grass the microbes go dormant, when more spores or food resources land on the turf grass the dormant microbes become active and will then consume these disease spores that have landed on the turf grass from the atmosphere, these microbes are working as a bio control.

Wormtec Worm Extract Organic Microbial Fertiliser Eliminates 

There a few parameters that need to be addressed to grow good healthy turf grass all these problems can be reduced and then eliminated with the use of our Wormtec Organic Worm Extract Microbial Fertiliser on a golf course.

These Detrimental conditions are

Soil Compaction, Soil Ph Levels, Excess Thatch Layers, Shallow Root Growth, Turf Stress

These conditions all become worst with chemical abuse

Healthy turf grass will have very little pest and disease attacks

Working on Golf Courses across the Country

Wormtec Worm Farming and Vermiculture and their team is here to help you in rebuilding the health and vitality back into your Gold Course Soils with the use on Soil Micro-Biology. The Job of Soil Microbes is to cycle nutrients for the Turf Grass to absorb through there root system, The soil microbes also combat Pest and Disease attacks on your Turf Grass, Whilst promoting Root growth, and thicker turf grass growth

Wormtec Worm Extract Organic Microbial Fertiliser has been used across the country for 16 years now for every thing from turf grass, organic crops, vegetables and fruit trees and even stubble digestion.

Without Soil Microbes the soil dies and with Chemical use, your Killing the life in your soils


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