How it Works

Our 100% Organic Compost

BEAUTIFUL Chemical Free NATURAL liquid compost

Wormtec Liquid Organic Worm Extract Microbial Fertiliser is a highly concentrated liquid solution containing beneficial soil microbes and plant available nutrients and minerals. Wormtec Worm Extract Organic Microbial Fertiliser is used both as a fertiliser and soil re-builder and conditioner with the added bonus of assisting with pest and disease bio control all in the one product!.

Why microbial fertiliser?

Soil microbes are in the soil to break down organic matter (decay or rot) and to solubilise minerals. As plants and turf grass are un-able to use minerals or organic matter that is in the soil until they are broken down into a soluble form by the micro-biology. These Soluable compounds and worm composting can then pass through the plant cell wall to fertilise the plant and to provide the plant with energy to grow.

What will microbes do for me?

Soil microbes are in the soil to solubalise minerals into plant food, But they are also de-compacting the soil and promoting root growth, soil microbes are food for worms so worm numbers increase, soil microbes work as bio-control and help to reduce pest and disease outbreaks on your crop. Soil microbes consume organic matter so reduce crop residue and thatch layers under your turf reducing disease spores, soil microbes build soil structure

Why Organic

Organic fertilisers should be the fertiliser of choice as they are beneficial to the environment whilst rebuilding the life in your turf grass and lawn areas, organic fertilisers have no negative effect on our natural waterways fish or frogs, even more important is they are safe to apply around your pets and children. When you mow your grass you should have no real concern as long as your using organic products

In a healthy soil, soil microbes consume the minerals, nutrients and tied up chemicals that are already in the soil profile, these compounds are then contained in the microbe’s bodies until the microbe is consumed by other soil microbes or dies, this stops the nutrients and minerals from leaching out of the soil profile with heavy rain or irrigation. This is the organic slow release method of farming that is sustainable, and this is why you can reduce your fertiliser inputs when you go organic


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