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Organic Horse and Cattle Pasture and Paddock Fertiliser

Our Liquid Fertiliser for Pastures

Wormtec Worm Extract Organic Microbial Fertiliser Is the fertiliser of choice for rebuilding depleted and chemical abused pastures and horse paddock soils,  Whilst giving your turf grass the vitality and energy to grow under these harsh growing conditions, You should be looking to grow long root systems in your pasture as this is the only way you will have sustainable pasture grass that recovers well from controlled grazing, over grazing will destroy even the best pasture.

Promoting Root and Turf Grass Growth

Utilising Worm based Microbial Fertilisers that produce both Root growth and strong healthy vigorous pasture grass growth is the way to go using our organic pasture fertiliser, as the microbes contained in these fertilisers are rebuilding the soil profile at the same time, that they are fertilising, decompacting the soil and helping to reduce both pest and disease attacks on your pasture grass.


Eliminating Soil Compaction

Soil Compaction from large animals is a real problem that does have a huge impact on pasture grass growth and soil conditions, as when the soil is compacted pasture grass is unable to put its roots down through this compacted soil and the roots just grow side ways on top of this compacted soil. This means that there is very little moisture available to this turf grass and it burns off quickly in the hot summer heat.

Soil Microbes live in the pore spaces between soil particles, these soil microbes open up the soil profile to allow air and water entry deeper into the soil profile, soil microbes eliminate soil compaction, whilst breaking down organic matter into humus and moving this organic matter deeper into the soil profile

Chemical Abuse kills soil microbes helping to cause soil compaction

Organic Fertiliser and Animal Health

Animal health can also be improved with the use of Worm based Organic Microbial Fertilisers, by increasing the Brix levels (Nutrient Content) of your pasture grass you can improve the health and vitality of the animals that graze your pasture, you can also improve the weight gain of cattle by raising the turf grass Brix levels (Nutrient Content).

Using Organic Fertiliser on your pasture grass is the only way to go, Eliminating Soil Ph swings, Soil Compaction, re-building soil and turf grass health and vitality and increasing the root depth of your turf grass to make your pasture more drought tolerant, you will also improve the health of the animals grazing these pastures.

Going Organic will also reduce your Fertiliser and Animal health COSTS 

Success With Pasture Grass

Wormtec Worm Extract Organic Microbial Fertiliser is the organic fertiliser of choice designed to help you solve some of the problem you are seeing with your pasture turf grass, not treating the symptoms but going the extra step to solve the problem once and for all, re-building both soil and turf grass HEALTH, Whilst promoting longer root growth, and increasing animal health by the increase in pasture grass brix levels allowing your animals to consume more nutrients and nutrition from the same amount of grass normally eaten.


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