1000 litres Liquid Organic Fertiliser


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Organic worm extract fertiliser worm extract Fertiliser

Wormtec Liquid Organic Worm Extract Fertiliser is a highly concentrated liquid solution containing biology and plant available nutrients and minerals. This product can be used both as a fertiliser, soil rebuilder, conditioner and bio control all in the one product.

Wormtec worm farming and vermiculture has been developing organic worm extract fertiliser and soil improvers for over ten years now, our worm extract fertiliser is biology based, now this is where I believe the future lies in rebuilding depleted soils.

By utilizing beneficial soil microbes in an easy to apply liquid that also contains plant available nutrient in a chemical free organic form we are able to start the job of detoxify and rebuilding our agricultural and garden soils

Here at Wormtec worm farming and vermiculture we have now developed word leading technology in extracting soil microbes from high grade worm castings and composts this technology is only available to Wormtec worm farming and vermiculture as we are the only ones that have spent the time to developed these ourselves on site

Wormtec Worm extract is a living product

Wormtec Worm extract is a live product and is full of dormant micro-organisms, these microbes are ready to wake up and starting to repair degraded soils and start the job of cycling nutrient and minerals into organic forms for the plants or crop to consume.

Are all worm based products the same?

Our worm fertiliser has been perfected over 10 years and entails producing our own high grade worm casting, these high grade worm castings are then put into custom built brewers that remove the microbes, nutrients and all the beneficial properties of the worm castings into a liquid solution.

Most worm based products on the market are just leachate water (excess run off water)

We tested our products with both Southern Cross University and SFI Australia to develop our product to where it is today.

If you produce products from low grade inputs you will just have brown water

This is why we invested 10 years of research and development into producing high grade worm castings to produce our liquid organic worm extract fertiliser from

Application of Wormtec organic liquid worm extract

We have found with lots of onsite testing the best benefit from our Wormtec worm extract is when used as a soil drench product and we feed the organisms at application time with whatever organic foods your soil requires. Once our extract is applied the biological component then becomes active and starts colonises your soil, plants or crop and starts rebuilding you soil and plant health. The nutrients contained in our worm extract fertiliser are in a plant available form our worm extract is easily applied with spray equipment boom sprays, boom less nozzles or hose but we recommend the use of a diaphragm pump.

The benefits to you and the environment

As worm extract is a totally organic product it is safe to use around pets and environmentally sensitive areas, also because it is chemical free there is no chance of any detrimental problems with people and animals coming in contact with it once it’s applied on gardens or crops

By applying our liquid worm extract, vermi extract on to your leaf and soil surfaces you are re-establishing the microorganisms and biology that chemical fertilisers have killed off. Plus re-applying all the micro nutrients and trace elements that your plants require to grow in a plant available form.

Worm Extract as a biological control

The beneficial biology contained in our worm extract fertiliser will inoculate plant leaf surfaces and root system and help to protect them from disease. The organic nutrient contained in our extracts does not leach out of the root zone from rain or over watering like chemical fertilizers do because the microorganisms will consume it and hold it in the soil profile.


One of the Main Benefits of our Wormtec worm extract fertiliser is been able to store our fertiliser without the microbes’ dyeing this is the problem our competitors have been having since day one. We are able to store liquid organic worm extract, compost extract in sealed containers for up to four months before application. This allows time to transport extract to farms for application. This is the main down side of aerated worm teas and compost teas, as they must be used within four hours of brew aeration finishing.

As a living product the microbes need oxygen to survive and we also need to control the temperature also so please store your worm extract out of the sun in a nice cool location, also loosen the lid to allow air to enter the drum this will drastically lengthen the life of this microbial product.

Never allow a food source to enter drum

As Wormtec worm extract fertiliser is microbial based we have a unique means of getting the biology to go into dormancy this allows us to store our product, if you allow a food source to contaminate the worm extract like fish, kelp or molasses just to name a few to enter the drum of worm extract the biology will wake up and consume all the oxygen inside the drum and then die, leaving you with a very smelly container.

I will say this one last time

Never apply a food source into your Wormtec worm extract drum always make sure the food activator is only added to the spray tank or watering can, if you add the food source to your drum you will activated all the biology inside the drum and any leftover extract will go off and be wasted

Activating Wormtec worm extract

Wormtec Worm extract contains mostly a dormant biologically component that, when mixed with a food source then becomes active, the microbes will begin to breed and there population will expand and start rebuilding you soil and plant health.

Activated product

To drastically increase the activity of the biology contained in the worm extract I add a small amount of fish and kelp powder to the worm extract at application time this food source stimulates the dormant organisms so they can start the job of rebuilding the health of the soil.

Non activated Product

Apply worm extract without a food source is just a slower method of increasing the microbe numbers in both the worm extract and the soil or crop that you are applying it to. The biology in this method will come out of dormancy when it is stimulated by the plants or climatic conditions It works just as well long term but it does take longer to start than if you do add a food source..

When to Apply Liquid Organic Fertiliser

I try to apply our Wormtec organic worm extract fertiliser early morning or late afternoon so the ultra violet rays from the sun won’t have a detrimental effect on the beneficial biology in our worm extract fertiliser, as the microbes are in a dormant state applying on a hot sunny day still give huge numbers of viable microbes, when it’s raining or the soil and plants are wet you can apply at any time as the organisms will use this available moisture to colonize the plant and soil while at the same time be protected from the suns radiation.

Application of Worm Extract for Agriculture

Our organic worm extract can be applied via normal agricultural spray equipment but please increase the jet size so you are not harming the biology at application time, plus the use of a diaphragm pump is recommended both soil drench and foliar applications are efficient at getting the product applied.

We only use about 20 psi very low pressure when we apply microbial products as you don’t want to squash them with pressure if they hit the ground or a tree under high pressure they will die.

Application of Worm Extract home gardener

Wormtec Liquid Organic Fertiliser is applied as a liquid spray or by watering can onto plant leaf surfaces or as a soil drench to re-apply all the beneficial micro-organisms and micro nutrients that your soil and plant require. Worm extract will assist in improve the soil by returning nutrients and micro-organisms back into the soil increasing soil fertility and plant health. Worm extract, helps retain moisture so less water is required while feeding your plants. Our worm extract, is a concentrate which can be diluted with water at up to 30:1 making it is very economical to use.