Kelp Powder 1000ml


Wormtec Kelp Powder is a commercial grade concentrate as used on Agricultural crops. Wormtec Kelp powder is a potent seaweed soil improver concentrated into a 100% soluable powder.

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Kelp Powder


Kelp powder in a totally soluble form, as a powder very light weight so very cost efficient to post Australia wide, just mix with tap water and you have an extremely good kelp based liquid fertiliser

Kelp contains a mix of Auxins, gibberellins and Cytokinins plus a huge mixture of trace elements, amino acids and carbohydrates in an easy to use form just mix with normal tap water and apply to your garden plants and vegies

Can be applied as a foliar spray or as a soil drench product



  • Increases brix levels
  • Helps with resistance to pest attacks
  • Helps with mild frost
  • Assists with plant stress
  • Help build stronger root system
  • Assist with plant health