Why promote Root Growth

Growing a nice Lawn or Turf area that is maintenance free,  one of your main aims should be to get your turf grass root system as far down into the soil profile as is possible, The deeper your root system goes down into the soil the more nutrients, minerals and water that your turf grass can utilise. your Turf Grass will show far less heat stress and you can reduce the amount of water applied to your lawn area


Watering a lawn now is quit an expensive exercise now that we all have to pay for all the water we use


Reduce the amount of water my Lawn, Garden requires


Soil Microbes coat each soil particle with a mucus layer that absorbs water this mucus layer retains more moisture in the soil profile, also because the soil microbes open up the soil profile eliminating compaction layers this then allow more moisture to enter deeper into the soil profile more water is stored for your lawn or garden use, with far less evaporation and as the microbes take organic matter deeper into the soil profile the soil retains more moisture.This also allows your grass and plants to put there roots down deeper allowing them moisture at a far deeper zone in the soil profile.

Once you have allowed the soil microbes to work on your soil opening up your soil, taking organic matter deeper into the soil profile coating the soil particles with there mucus that hold water you can basically make your lawn drought proof because the soil will hold water so much deeper down in the soil profile, also because of all the work these microbes have done, your turf grass root system will be way down deep sourcing water and nutrients once out of reach of you lawn.