Why Microbial Fertiliser

What does microbial Fertiliser really mean? Our Worm Extract Fertiliser contains living microbiology


Soil microbes are in the soil to break down organic matter (decay or rot) and to solubilise minerals. As plants and turf grass are un-able to use minerals or organic matter that is in the soil until they are broken down into a soluble form by the micro-biology. These Soluable compounds can then pass through the plant cell wall to fertilise the plant and to provide the plant with energy to grow, Without these microbe the plant is unable to absorb minerals from the soil that are not soluble


Another thing beneficial soil biology do for us

Soil microbes consume the minerals, nutrients and tied up chemicals that are already in the soil profile, these compounds are then contained in the microbe’s bodies until the microbe is consumed or dies, this stops the nutrients and minerals from leaching out of the soil profile with heavy rain or irrigation. This is the organic slow release method of farming that is sustainable, and this is why you can reduce your fertiliser inputs


Healthy soil is alive with beneficial soil microbes.


Chemically Fertilised Lawn turf

If your lawn and garden has had lots of chemical fertiliser applied to it you will have low numbers of soil microbes in your soil this means the minerals, nutrients and organic matter that are in your soil are not been solubilised your plants are then unable to feed on these materials, this means your plants are then going hungry, they then will be stressed and will then be attacked by pest and diseases. The other job microbes do for us is to protect our plants by out-competing disease spores when they land on our plants.