Why import fertiliser when you can Produce it yourself

As One of the leading pioneers of worm based organic microbial fertiliser development worldwide, I am now offering to work with and set up customers overseas with exactly the same equipment that we have developed here in Australia, But not only supplying you equipment but to work with you from day one up until your new business venture is operating.

This is a total system from operating a commercial worm farm to produce high grade worm castings to produce your fertiliser from

Able to produce 5000 Litres of worm based fertiliser per hour

I will teach you how to

1/ Operate A commercial Worm Farm to produce your own worm castings

2/ The preparation of worm casting for microbial extraction

3/ How to pre extract from worm castings before they go into the microbe extractor

4/ Complete training on how to use our microbe extractor for fertiliser production

5/ Supply 1 x 5000 litre per hour microbe extracting Fertiliser Plant

6/ Method of microbe storage for shipping around your country and even export if you wish.

I will even visit and support you for the first year of your operation starting, and even longer if you need my assistance

So if you wish to get a start up business that is ready to start operating from day one, with complete training and I will teach you everything I have learned over 16 years of commercial worm farming and organic fertiliser production then please contact me so i can assist you.

I will only be selling one fertiliser plant per country I will not sell information, equipment, plans or operating procedures to anyone else in your country as I want you to operate without competitors and become the market leader in your own country.

Whilst i am in your country setting up this fertiliser plant for you I would even do some field days and promote your new company to the local farmers, so that you can learn even more from me, like I said I am offering full help and support with full training so that you do become the market leader in your own country